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How A Domestic Elevator Can Help You Stay In The Home You Love

Staying in their own home becomes the number one priority for many people as they grow older. This is because it signifies the maintenance of independence, as well as having a deep personal significance to seniors.

After all, this is the home that they have raised a family in and watched children grow up in.

For most people, having to leave the home they love is a wrench too far and not something they are willing to do.

But for many, it becomes inevitable, because they find their home too large and no longer safe enough for their mobility level.

Although it is still always possible that you may some day need to move to accommodation that can provide greater support, it is not something that necessarily has to happen at the first sign of problems.

In other words, with some creative input and practical help, it is still entirely possible for seniors to remain in their own homes. They just need some adaptations.

Usually, when we think about adaptions, our minds turn to things such as hand rails, raised seating, larger buttons and making the bathroom safe.

Once we have solved the matter of the bath becoming accessible and installing anti slip mats on the floors, swapped the shower unit for one with a sturdy chair in it and ensured the toilet is easily accessible, attention turns to the rest of the house.

Tripping hazards need addressing and can be remedied by clearly colored carpeting and ensuring there are no snags in it anywhere.

Of course, the biggest tripping hazard of them all seems inevitable – the staircase.

For many people, as they age, the stairs become a significant challenge.

Unfortunately, it is almost inevitable that the aging process is going to make them more difficult to climb – and descend – safely.

Until recently, the only options open to senior citizens has been to either move house or install a stairlift.

Stairlifts are no doubt a Godsend to many and have provided many a senior with the opportunity to remain in their own homes, safely.

But they are not for everyone.

For some people, they do not like the aging connotations associated with having a stairlift fitted.

For others, they get in the way of the staircase for guests and other occupants.

Then there is also the issue that they might render the home unattractive to potential buyers.

This can be avoided by considering something else – a home elevator.

Stylish and practical, at a stroke a home elevator can transform your problem into a joy.

No more struggling up and down the stairs several times a day. Now you can simply glide serenely between floors.

From a practical point of view, an elevator is the ideal solution for anyone with a mobility problem. No uncomfortable clambering in and out of a stairlift.

They can be made large enough to comfortably accommodate a wheelchair easily.

It is not just people who can travel in a home elevator – it is household appliances and heavy items of furniture as well!

No longer will you have to lumber up and down the stairs trying to carry a heavy vacuum cleaner or some other sundry item.

A domestic home elevator could transform your home and boost your quality of life and unlike an unsightly stairlift, it actually looks stylish and chic!