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In every issue of Hello Chopper magazine, we focus in on one specific design or issue. This month it is the turn of the home elevator.

Our six page pull-out zooms in on the household accessory which is becoming the must have item for luxury senior living at home.

We feature everything you could want to know about this optimal piece of home transportation – how much they cost, where to turn to get more advice, the opinions of our resident interior designer, how they add to the value of your home and much, much more.

In short, everything you could want to know about having a home elevator is wrapped up in one edition!

As well as our specialized topic, we also feature all our usual news, views and competitions.

With three resident interior designers contributing to our blog, we have unique perspectives on how to tackle your home remodel.

As usual, we do our utmost to cater for all budgets – both big and small.

This month, we cover how to maximize the luxury of your kitchen remodel, on the slenderest of budgets, as well as help you decide how to spend wisely on a corner sofa.

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